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Arthritis FAQs In Oxnard, CA

Arthritis FAQs | Chiropractor for Arthritis in Oxnard, CA

Hello. Hi everyone. I’m Tom Johnson from Kalani Total Health Center your one stop Holistic Health shop. Today we’re continuing our discussion on arthritis, both osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis. As you know, arthritis is the most common cause of pain disability dysfunction throughout throughout the world today. Let’s talk about frequently asked questions today. So I’ve collected the most commonly asked questions that I’ve received over the many years in clinical practice. So let’s get started.

Chiropractic Care for Arthritis

One, is chiropractic care good for arthritis? Yes, of course it is. However, not every Chiropractic Clinic is on the same level in terms of the services they offer and the specialty and experience handling complex arthritic knees. So while chiropractic care is good for arthritis, you need to choose your chiropractor wisely. Okay, we all have different specialties. And so what separates us Kalani Total Health Center in terms of care for arthritis is that we’re a multidisciplinary integrated approach to handling and treating arthritis, ranging from our medical team, our medical doctor or physician, Assistant nurse practitioner, all the way to our physical medicine team, our chiropractic doctors, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, clinical nutrition. So we need an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to treating your arthritis. Now, specifically, when we talk about chiropractic care, what we’re really talking about when people ask that question is, are the chiropractic adjustments? Good for arthritis? The answer is yes. Let me tell you why. The answer is found. It’s really simple. If someone has really stiff and tight hands, but you never stretch them out, and you never adjust the joints that will predispose you to earlier major changes. Next, let’s say that you had a shoulder injury, you dislocated your shoulder and now you have hypermobility to the joint, it moves too much that will predispose you to arthritic changes as well. But now there’s a condition right in the middle where I gently stretch my joints, I release the pressure that a joint restore normal range of motion of joy through chiropractic adjustments that targets treats and prevents arthritic changes directly. Let me say that again. Chiropractic adjustments done in the right way to the right type of joints will prevent and treat effectively arthritic changes in that joint we need to restore the normal range of motion to that joint is very simple. However, you need someone that is a specialist and adjustments chiropractic care for arthritic joints. That’s where references from family and friends, doing your own research here on the internet or listen to her videos understand how we differ from other clinics.

How Chiropractic Care Helps Arthritis

Next question, does chiropractic care make arthritis worse? Generally, the answer is no. Unless it’s done incorrectly. I found that sometimes I’ve seen some physical therapist performing joint manipulations that been called chiropractic adjustments but because they’re not as well trained as some of the chiropractic doctors Yeah, there could be some injuries if you’re not a specialist and adjusting that joint. Most chiropractic doctors have specialists and joint adjustments. However, some of us have more experience at complex facilities such as myself. I’ve worked with a wide range of common arthritis, these authorities from arthritis to inflammatory arthritis, they need to be cared in different ways. So yes, chiropractic adjustments can help know that people you don’t make it worse. However, when you start adjusting joints and you start breaking up scar tissue and adhesions and arthritic changes. Sometimes that can be a temporary spike and symptoms. And the same way if I set that same arthritic patient to the gym and told them to go exercise, yes, you’re gonna have some wherever exacerbation of symptoms because you’re breaking up and loosened up scar tissue and adhesions totally normal. As long as we restore that joint back to normal range of motion and stabilize it with cryptic your exercises that have been embracing lifestyle changes. We can improve your thread of chain deformity and arthritis pain, arthritic pain. Another question very similar. Can chiropractic care help with joint pain? Well, I just answered that. Very similar as massage therapy good for arthritis. Yes, massage therapy can target the soft tissues around that joint very effectively. It can help you with pain, inflammation, swelling, it can help certain tissues and can help stretch out the tissues. However, massage therapy alone will not correct or fix your arthritis. Why? Because you’re only focusing on one or two of the elements of arthritic joint pain. Again remember arthritis affects joints it does affect it does also affect surrounding soft tissue that need to be addressed such as massage therapy, your active release therapy. However, the massage therapy won’t directly target the joint itself. That’s where the chiropractic specialists come in, we need to target that joint specifically in addition. So while yes, massage therapy is good for arthritis, we really need an integrated team approach or a massage therapist, chiropractic doctors, physical therapy, medical procedures and medical teams as well. We need an integrated approach. And that’s what separates us from all other clinics or clinics tonal center. Next, just popping your back your neck or fingers cause arthritis. Yes, and no, I just answered that question.

The Importance of Proper Care for Arthritis

Let’s review it again. If I never adjust or stretch, or manipulate my fingers, for example, and they become really stiff and tight, they will become a arthritic very easily. If I, for example, injure my joints, my hands on my shoulder have inaccurate back through a car accident or a sports injury. Or we do some crazy procedure we saw on the internet to adjust our own joints by yourself and you caused the injury and you cause that joint become hyper mobile. Yes, that is bad. That will cause arthritis too. But if you have a specialist perform these specific joint adjustments that will prevent and help treat arthritic change into forming and dysfunction and deficits. Hope answer the question. So let’s review again, do nothing for the joint becomes arthritic injure the joint becomes arthritic, the one of the metal meaning that gentle adjustment stretches of joints, restoring normal range of motion Prevents and Treats Arthritis. It’s about as simple as I can say it. Next question. Can chiropractic help with inflammation? Yes. Let’s think closely about what inflammation is swelling inflammation from either flare up or new injury. All right. There are chemical messengers that stimulate nerve receptors that trigger pain responses, we need to focus on the inflammation the early course of care. That’s where our integrated approach works really well for my medical team, and our physical medicine chiropractic team as well. The adjustments will help restore normal range of motion that then will improve the circulation of inflammation swelling, we need to pump that inflammation swipe out of the joint and out of the Strider soft tissues. So they start triggering inflammatory pain, we need to target the inflammatory component your pain first and foremost. Later on, we’ll target the more specific dysfunction or functional deficits of that pain as well. Next question, what’s the best vitamin for stent joints? Well, there is no specific one vitamin for that. But at Kalani Total Health Center, you will sit down with our clinical nutritionist that is a specialist and bone and joints and nutrition. It all starts with an assessment consultation history, understanding your injuries and as stated in the form and dysfunction you currently have. What phase of arthritis are you in? Are you in early modern arthritis? Are you severe deformity in arthritic pain and dysfunction? So yes, vitamins, minerals, healthy diet and lifestyle all can help reduce inflammatory pain and arthritic pain.

Frequency of Chiropractic Adjustments

Next, how often should you get adjusted by a chiropractor? Well, that depends on the treatment plan. So all starts with a comprehensive physical exam and diagnosis understanding what type of arthritis you have, what degree of dysfunction or to form either stage arthritis or you in how’s it affecting your life at home at work in your overall life. And so that answer can’t be easily answered. Once we restore the normal range of motion that joint however, and we support it with critical exercise and therapeutic exercise and developing healthy habits and happy lifestyles. That will reduce the need for your chiropractic adjustments as you already are getting healthy. Now we always recommend maintenance care, healthy care similar just go to the gym and practicing good healthy habits. That’s another topic. Next, what role does it integrate a multi discipline healthcare team play and the treatment of rehabilitation of arthritis? You already know the answer if you just listen this video in depth. The integrated multidisciplinary team is the current state of the art of treating your arthritic pain. If you are going to claim that doesn’t that does not have an integrated Boltzmann machine. You are at a clinic that is 50 years old, that model is gone. If you’re only on the medical side, or only on the physical therapy side or only on the massage therapy side or the acupuncture side, we’re only in the chiropractic side. That is an older school approach to treating arthritic pain. The more modern approach and stated our approach is an integration of services all under one roof, where our providers and therapists all collaborate and talk with each other. We all treat the patient. We’re all helping the patient at the same time. That is where the results will come. That is where the benefits will come. That is how we’re going to get you back to health back to your life and feeling great again.

Hope this answers most of your frequently asked questions don’t hesitate to reach out here at the clinic and get called clinic or an email. Looking forward to seeing you on the clinic. I’m Dr. Tom Johnson from Kalani Total Health Center your one stop holistic shop Mahalo and Aloha.

Kalani Total Health Center

Dr. Kalani Jose founded Kalani Total Health Center after the healing abilities of chiropractic changed his life. After injuring his lower back at work, he worried he might never walk again, and his doctor told him there was nothing more traditional medicine could do. But one chiropractic adjustment would change his life. Not only did it heal his back, but Dr. Kalani discovered the transformative power of chiropractic medicine and dedicated his life to using it to help others.

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