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Chiropractic Care for Common Pediatric Conditions in Oxnard, CA

Chiropractic Care for Common Pediatric Conditions | Chiropractor for Kids in Oxnard, CA

Hello, everyone, I’m Dr. Tom Johnson from Kalani Total Health Center. Today we’re continuing our discussion on chiropractic care for school age active kids, teenagers and student athletes of all ages. Today we’re discussing specifically the common conditions the common diagnosis that we typically see in these age groups, as well as we’ll discuss how we treat them as well. Let’s start with just common conditions. Let’s review what we talked about in our last video.

Healthcare Options for Kids

The healthcare options for this age group are typically based on Western medicine, allopathic medicine, with your pediatrician, your family physician, any medical specialists, surgeries or emergency medicine. Now, let’s make real clear these health care providers are essential to our day to day health and wellness for our families. They save lives every day, and we’re extremely thankful for all of them on the front lines. However, what are the healthcare options for our day to day slips and falls, aches and pains? Common, mild to moderate sports injuries that don’t involve colds or flus or frank gross trauma or emergency medicine. That’s what I want to discuss today with you the common conditions. Well, let’s talk about several starting with our younger kids at home.

Chiropractic Care for Every Day Physical Stressors that Kids Encounter

As we learn to walk and gain balance, we go through a series of slips and falls. We have poor sleeping habits, poor posture habits going to school we have injuries on the playground injuries in the classroom with static postures sitting for prolonged periods of time learning to read and write those those heavy backpacks that we were incorrectly repacked for too many books. This then translates in to our ad if kids in sports park and rec leagues again, sports related injuries, overuse injuries, repetitive motion injuries, we into the club level, the elite level of sports of our student athletes as well. And that continues. It’s more aggressive with more practice during the week and more games in the weekends typically tournaments. Talk about our teenagers that are these massive growth spurts. They’re rolling tall very quickly. They have general aches and pains associated with just growing and the poor posture. So injuries can be classified into a static posture related injury. More of a motion, repetitive motion, style of injury or specific injury to the body typically spinal injuries neck and back, shoulder, upper extremity shoulder, elbow, wrist hand, lower extremity, hip, knee, foot ankle as well. Again, these are the typical musculoskeletal type of injuries that essentially can be classified into arthralgia, joint pain, myalgia, muscle pain, and neuralgia, nerve pain. Again these are the typical most common diagnosis we see every day, we’ve been seeing this population of patients for over 20 years and getting great results, providing natural, safe and effective care for these populations.

How We Approach Care for Kids

This process starts though if you review some other videos and just coming to the clinic and sitting down with our best doctors and going through your health history and injury history and goals of care performing a comprehensive physical examination. From there we can prescribe a specific treatment plan for those injuries and the goals of care that the parents and the patients have as well. Furthermore, we’re really active and performing and helping patients and players and athletes get to the next level in terms of sports performance, and so we can customize the diagnosis and examination diagnosis and treatment plans based around that sports specific goals of that patient or parents. Again, we are specialists in this field. I hope today you can see that we want to separate what typical western medicine doctors and providers will will provide for you in terms of acute care disease care versus the medicine care and where we can fill in the gaps in terms of being a specialist and just Spinal Care musculoskeletal care, sports injury sports medicine, sports performance.

Again, I’m Dr. Tom Johnson from Kalani Total Health Center your one stop holistic health shop. Looking forward to seeing you at the clinic. Don’t hesitate to call the clinic if you have any questions or concerns Mahalo and aloha!

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