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Common Causes of a Disc Injury Chiropractor for Disc Injuries in Oxnard, CA

Hello everyone, I’m Dr. Tom Johnson from Kalani Total Health Center. Today we’re continuing our discussion on discogenic Low back pain and discogenic neck pain. Today we’re talking about the common causes of a disc injury and there are many a good starting points.

Acute Injuries

To unpack this topic is to think about acute injuries versus chronic injuries. Let’s tackle acute injuries. First, acute injuries can be from repetitive stress motions, hard labor jobs involving flexion extension rotation forces in the spine that deteriorate and injure those discs. We can lift heavy objects with poor posture and for mechanics. Over time, we get annular tears in the disk or a large substantial tariff or maybe from a car accident whiplash injury, or a lithium injury from work again, or stay too long for many years at a desk or commuting in stop and go traffic.

Chronic Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries and stress are the leading cause of discogenic pain, heavy lifting, lifting weight too heavy for you. Lifting couches, alright, and refrigerators and washers and dryers and boxes with poor mechanics or movement disorders, auto accidents, whiplash injuries, seatbelts, although they say their life they can actually transmit a lot of forces in our spine as well with severe injuries typically with a total loss of car work injuries that are repetitive motion or heavy lifting or sedentary static, you know, even respiratory disorders right? chronic coughing and sneezing can increase what’s called the intrathecal pressure of the disc and can wear down over the days, weeks and months of those chronicity and respiratory illnesses, degenerative conditions degenerative disc disease, degenerative joint disease all can affect that this bone and joint as well as the this slowly wears out over time, the many months in years of that degenerative process that they all can lead to disc herniation this fragmentation disc tears spot or nerve compressions, pain and paraesthesia does the list goes on and on and on.

These are just some of the very fundamental typical causes, but there could be others as well. Again, the key to understanding your disc injuries is to have it properly examined and diagnosed. Many clinics do not have the specialty that we do at Kalani Health center we specialize in spinal disorders.

Our team of doctors and healthcare providers are all here waiting for you to help you, your friends, your family, so please call the clinic come in. Let’s sit down and take a proper health history, proper examination and develop a true plan that will help you and your family and the fastest results possible. I’m Dr. Tom Johnson from Kalani Total Health Center your one stop holistic healthier shop call us today!

Kalani Total Health Center

Dr. Kalani Jose founded Kalani Total Health Center after the healing abilities of chiropractic changed his life. After injuring his lower back at work, he worried he might never walk again, and his doctor told him there was nothing more traditional medicine could do. But one chiropractic adjustment would change his life. Not only did it heal his back, but Dr. Kalani discovered the transformative power of chiropractic medicine and dedicated his life to using it to help others.

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