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Common Types of Arthritis In Oxnard, CA

Common Types of Arthritis | Chiropractor for Arthritis in Oxnard, CA

Hello everyone and welcome, I’m Dr. Tom Johnson from Kalani Total Health Center your one stop Holistic Health shop. Today we’re continuing our discussion on osteoarthritis, otherwise known as degenerative joint disease.

The Different Types of Arthritic Conditions

Now let’s expand our knowledge on arthritic arthritis. We can classify arthritis from different branches of a tree is it sort of speaking on one branch we can think of what we just discussed in osteoarthritis, but now we need to consider the differential diagnosis, inflammatory arthritis. There’s 20 plus different types of arthritis found throughout the world today, but those are the by far the most common osteoarthritis with a primary and secondary variations and then climbing to arthritis with all these different variations. Now inflammatory arthritis is a much different condition. While osteoarthritis is more of a wear and tear type of arthritis, inflammatory arthritis is not aware and turneth right is it’s caused by autoimmune disorders, certain chemicals that predispose that joint to destruction. And so there’s a multifactorial cause of inflammatory arthritis. Now, typically, it’s common for someone to have arthritis and inflammatory arthritis at the same time, they can affect different joints, sometimes that can present back in the same joint. I hope you can see now arthritis is a very serious subject that affects people it causes them pain dysfunction, deformity, loss of quality of life. To begin inflammatory arthritis, arthritis needs to be co managed by a specialist called a rheumatologist. That’s what we typically do here Kalani Total Health Center, we post treated the patient with certain specialists as needed. We are typically gatekeepers. When patients come into the CNS, we refer out to the appropriate specialist when needed.

Treating Arthritis in Our Clinic

Many times we can treat common types of osteo arthritis inflammatory arthritis here in the clinic, but it needs a multidisciplinary approach. And that’s again, what separates us from all other clinics where we have a very traditional medical team, but you also have our amazing physical medicine team as we discussed primarily with our chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and clinical nutrition. Now, let’s talk more specifically about osteoarthritis. It is a degeneration of the joints is a disease. The way I like to phrase it, it’s a general joint disease real simple, but we can go in depth now we can go more in depth when you look at the spine. It starts affecting tissues around that joint, no tissues is spared. When we talk about spine arthritis, spine spinal arthritis, we’re talking about degenerative disc disease, degenerative joint disease during the show the tissues, muscle, tendons, ligaments, nerves, vascular elements all around the joint as spares no tissues. If left to progress and degenerate, it can lead to more advanced conditions of arthritic changes, conditions that affect both the bone joint and disk, we can give us transact spondylosis or spondyloarthritis is a very advancing degeneration of the bone joint soft tissue complex, we can talk about spinal listhesis That’s when the bones and joints completely lose their stability, integrity, and we got a slipping sliding forward one of the spinal joints as well. We can talk about central canal stenosis, lateral canal stenosis, the canals that the spinal cord goes through, become synaptic and closed down. This can become very, very serious. I hope you can see now that apparatus is very complex. There’s different types of arthritis, they present differently, they have different clinical findings they need to be co managed sometimes by specialists. But first and foremost, you need to go to a clinic such as ours, a particular center, better specialist and all the different types of breath remedies. And it all starts your journey starts with sit down with one of our best doctors and going through a complete health consultation, injury history, Accident history, overall health history and health goals. So we can chart that that progression, the treatment plan to get you your life back and get you more accurate and get you more healthy.

We hope you enjoyed this little tidbit on common types of arthritis. Again, i’m Tom Johnson Kalani Total Health Center your one stop Holistic Health shop, mahalo Aloha.

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