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Medicare Covered Chiropractic Care for Seniors In Oxnard, CA

Medicare Covered Chiropractic Care for Seniors | Chiropractor for Seniors in Oxnard, CA

Hello, everyone, I’m Dr. Tom Johnson from Kalani Total Health Center. Today we’re talking about chiropractic care for seniors and Medicare coverage for chiropractic services. Let’s get started. First, let’s talk about the common bone and joint and soft tissue changes that occur as we age. As you may well known that we commonly will form degenerative arthritic conditions and our joints and our bones and joints as well as calcifications in the soft tissues, degradation or changes in the cartilage that are covering the bones as well. And this all results in pain, stiffness, and disability.

Chiropractic Care for Seniors that is Covered by Medicare

As you may know from previous lectures, low back pain and neck pain Spinosaurus is the leading cause of pain disability throughout the world today. Now, there’s some key factors that can contribute to the acceleration of these degenerative arthritic conditions as we age. First and more foremost injuries, whether it’s repetitive injuries, posture injuries, Frank trauma, car accidents, lifting injuries, work injuries, personal injuries, etc. Poor posture as well. Sleeping in weird positions, not taking care of your body. Poor health habits, you know, the list goes on and on and on. These all can contribute and accelerate arthritic conditions. Now one thing I really want to stress is the importance of your spinal health, your overall quality of life, and not only living longer, but living a quality of life. With modern medicine helping us live longer lifespans. What we need to focus on now is the quality of life. That quality of life is dependent on your body movement patterns, how well can you move your body, your shoulders, your neck, your back, your knees, your hips, feet and ankle, hands and wrist. We are our quality of life is centered around the ability to move well, and in general terms, a phrase I like to kind of like to show patients is when you move better, you’ll feel better naturally and you’ll perform better. So performance for an athlete’s easy to see. But performance for us in our daily life means I’m seeking better and breathing better, stronger immune system better quality of life easier to work easier to do my activities of daily living life is easier life is more enjoyable when we simply move better.

We are Spinal Care Specialists for Seniors

At Kalani Total Health Center we’re Spinal Care Specialist for senior citizens and geriatric care. We offer chiropractic care for seniors and it’s safe and effective way. Now this is a great health care option for our senior citizens, older populations to not only get healthy, but stay healthy. Many of us out there are taking many medications for pain management, heart, thyroid, diabetes, etc. The last thing we need is another medication such as a pain medication, we can no longer be depending on pain medications, the side effects can be detrimental to your health, your quality of life and even your life itself. So we need natural options. Chiropractic care is a perfect natural option that targets specifically the bones joints, the soft tissues so we can move better and feel better naturally. Now, not every clinic specializes in chiropractic care for senior citizens. We do our doctors have over 20 years experience on each one of us. And we have experience working with senior citizens. We have certain procedures and treatment methods that are very unique for them to keep them safe and healthy. Now I have great news for you as well. We are one of the only clinics that actually are Medicare certified and we are a provider medical services for chiropractic health care. We are the only clinics in our entire area that do so again. Give us a call on the clinic make an appointment.

Let’s get you in for initial consultations and with one of our doctors. We’ll see how we can help you as well. Looking forward to seeing you at the clinic. Have a great day. I’m Dr. Tom Johnson from Kalani Total Center, your one stop holistic health shop. Mahalo Aloha

Kalani Total Health Center

Dr. Kalani Jose founded Kalani Total Health Center after the healing abilities of chiropractic changed his life. After injuring his lower back at work, he worried he might never walk again, and his doctor told him there was nothing more traditional medicine could do. But one chiropractic adjustment would change his life. Not only did it heal his back, but Dr. Kalani discovered the transformative power of chiropractic medicine and dedicated his life to using it to help others.

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