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Natural Arthritis Solution In Oxnard, CA

A Natural Arthritis Solution | Chiropractor for Arthritis in Oxnard, CA

Hello, everyone. I’m Dr. Tom Johnson from Kalani Total Health Center, your one stop Holistic Health shop. Today we’re talking about arthritis. What we should really do first is define what is arthritis? Well, let’s talk about osteoarthritis, otherwise known as degenerative joint disease. Yes, osteoarthritis is the disease of the joints. We need to think about it in that way, so we fully understand it.

The Most Common Type of Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common and arthritis found throughout the world today. The etiology, and risk factors are very well known. Age, women are affected more than men, although men are somewhat equal effective as well. As far as no country, culture, ethnicity is found throughout everywhere. prior injuries, static postures, repetitive motions, other pre existing conditions all can affect the degree of arthritic change or deformity that we see with arthritis with osteoarthritis. Now, what are the symptoms, signs of arthritis? Well, think joints. So pain, stiffness, dysfunction, deformity, weakness around a joint, whether it’s a shoulder, neck, back, hip, knee, foot, ankle, fingers, risks and effects, joints is a disease of the joints. And those are the hallmark signs of arthritic pain. I have stiffness this around a joint, there’s some deformity of the joint, it’s not moving as well. It’s painful, it’s swelling, it’s flared up with activities. All are common presentations. Now we can separate arthritis into two major, major categories.

Two Major Arthritis Categories

We’ve talked about osteoarthritis, the most common lifespan that brought forth today the most common cause of pain and disability the world today. And then there’s a second category of inflammatory communities. That’s a separate topic and separate lecture, but it needs to be considered what’s called the differential diagnosis of your arthritic pain. More about later, osteoarthritis, there are some lifestyle factors that play a key role in you developing arthritic changes more quickly and progressing. First, your age. Yes, it is a disease of aging joints. However, the early onset that are the factors that give rise to those changes later on are actually found in our youth, traumas, poor postures, technology, cell phones, gaming and activity, car accidents, falls, repetitive motions all lead to the arthritic changes later in life, they can all be prevented. Now, what is the traditional Western medicine approach to treating osteoarthritis? Well, we do a great job of Western medicine, we can prescribe braces for that knee or back or net we can prescribe medications or all topical or inject into the joint itself to get people out of pain, we can recommend a gentle exercise program to strengthen that joint. So physical therapy or occupational therapy, all are great solutions. However, if that was the answer, then why are we having an explosion exponentially in arthritic disorders and surgeries for arthritis from knee replacements, hip replacements, spinal fusions? People are suffering getting worse and worse year after year after year.

Our Approach to Treating Arthritis

So if our traditional western approach was the answer, we should see decline, but we don’t see that we see the opposite. So what do we do different here at Kalani Total Health Center? The answer is simple. We use a multi-discipline integrated approach from our medical doctor if it’s just an assistant nurse practitioner or a medical team, all the way over to our active care team, our chiropractic doctors, physical therapy, massage therapy, Clinical Nutrition, acupuncture, all are designed to get patients more active. Now when we bring those elements together Western medicine with more active care, physical medicine, as I like to term it, we bring those elements together. That’s the solution. That is the state of the art treatment for osteoarthritis about today, we need to get you out of pain control your pain, inflammation, swelling, but we have to get that joint active movement better and get stronger at the same time. We then have to prescribe a few therapeutic course of corrective care exercises to get you back to your activity, the older approach to simply tell the patient Well, Dr. Hurts if I do this? Well don’t do that. Okay, that is like 100 years old mentality? No, we need to get that patient moving better again. So we need a progressive therapeutic approach that gets patients not only back to their life and daily life, and normal activities, but gets them more active in terms of sport activities, travel, hobbies, getting them more active, so it’s not gonna have to say well, just don’t do that. Okay, that’s an old school approach. That doesn’t work anymore. We need to get your arthritis. Joints more active. All right. How do we eliminate arthritis? Well There’s no cure for arthritis. In that sense, I cannot turn a 67 year old patient arthritis back to age 16 or 18. Again, however, I can make the arthritis more functional, I get patients out of pain, and I get you more active and more functional and stronger and healthier. So we can push back the clock and time with those methods. But we can stop the arthritis from progressing. And that’s the key we need to manage arthritis. There’s many conditions in medicine that are no cure like a type one diabetes. Similar with with osteoarthritis, there’s not so much of a cure, but there’s a proper management and that’s what we do different here. Clients want to center we manage your case, we try to prevent arthritic changes, we get better, thrives more active, eat that joint more healthy, we get you back to your quality of life. That’s what really separates us from all others, our multidisciplinary integrated approach.

Alright everyone, I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit on osteoarthritis, otherwise known as degenerative joint disease. Let’s get you in the clinic. Let’s get you checked out and see how we can get you back to your best life now. I’m Dr. Tom Johnson with Kalani Total Health Center your one stop Holistic Health shop, Mahalo and Aloha.

Kalani Total Health Center

Dr. Kalani Jose founded Kalani Total Health Center after the healing abilities of chiropractic changed his life. After injuring his lower back at work, he worried he might never walk again, and his doctor told him there was nothing more traditional medicine could do. But one chiropractic adjustment would change his life. Not only did it heal his back, but Dr. Kalani discovered the transformative power of chiropractic medicine and dedicated his life to using it to help others.

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