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Simple Posture Exercises in Oxnard, CA

Simple Posture Exercises to Look and Feel Better | Chiropractor for Posture in Oxnard, CA

Hello. Hi, I’m Dr. Shawna Delaney with Kalani Total Health Center. We’re going to keep talking about posture. Did you know that posture is more than just the way you stand or the way you sit?

What is Your Posture?

Let’s look at slouching. Did you know that slouching can limit your lung capacity by 30%. We don’t even realize that when you’re sitting here, you’re just trying to get comfortable then you look slouch. It’s harder for you to breath. Who knew? You may already know this, but your head on average, is like a bowling ball, it weighs about ten to twelve pounds, give or take. And that’s on average. But let’s just say we’re looking at our cell phone. Now, as we look at our cell phone, we just do a 15 degree tilt, that increases the weight of your head to 27 pounds. If we do a 30% Tilt, now the weight of your head goes to 40 pounds. If you do a 45 degree tilt, guess what happens? It goes to 49 pounds. And if you’re all the way like this, like a lot of us are, when we’re looking at our cell phone, and a 60 degree tilt of the head, that equals a 60 pound head. That’s how much your the weight of your head shifts to 60 pounds.

That’s a lot of tension being put on the cervical spine and your upper thoracic spine in the muscles that try to hold your head onto your body. Everything is being stressed.

Proper Posture Improves Your Overall Health

Harvard Medical School came out with this quote I’m about to read to you, I’m actually just going to read it because I don’t want to mess it up. It says good posture improves your overall health and appearance. Poor posture, on the other hand, promotes back and neck pain. And it can affect the position and function of your abdominal organs, and hibbett breathing and oxygen intake and can cause headaches, it may also even affect your mood. Wow. And that’s not me saying it. That’s not chiropractic saying it that is the prestigious Harvard Medical School put that statement out there a couple of things you can do. When you have poor posture, or to work on your posture, I’m gonna show you three little simple exercises to do one of them you can just stand just like this.

Exercises You Can Do For Better Posture

So you’re standing here, bring your arms up right out here to the side. And all you’re trying to do is take your hands, keeping your elbows tight to your body and bringing your hands back to allow you to retract and squeeze your scapula together. Hold this for a couple of seconds in this position. If you want to do you know five to ten of these one to two sets, you can do this daily just to help improve, feel that stretch come through the shoulder so we can get those shoulders up and back. Another one. You can do these laying on the floor. Or you can do these with your back and head against the wall. On the floor they call floor angels. Obviously when you’re standing up against the wall, they’re called Wall angels.

So now we’re here, our back is against the wall, my head, my butt, my upper back are all touching the wall. I’m in this type of position, and all I’m going to do is raise my hands overhand. Hold it for a second or two and bring them right back down just like this. And you want to do once again, about 10 of these one to two sets and you can do those daily.

We are Here to Help

I’m Dr. Shawn Delaney. Come on down to Kalani Total Health Center. Let us do a postural assessment on you. Let us figure out what’s going on with your posture, how to get it better, and give you the tips and exercises you need to strengthen your specific situation with your posture. Once again I’m Dr. Sean Delaney with Kalani Total Health Center your one stop Holistic Health shop. Mahalo!

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