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Why TMJ Pain is on the Rise In Oxnard CA

Aloha. I’m Dr. Sean Delaney with Kalani Total Health Center.

Do you know the name of the joint that is involved every time you open your mouth, talk, chew, or swallow?

That joint is called your temporomandibular joint. We call it the TMJ for short. This joint is the connection of your jaw to your skull. You can feel it move every time you open and close your mouth.

Did you know that 12% of the population at any given time has a TMJ issue and those issues are usually the direct result of a trauma or some type of inflammatory problem like arthritis? It can be also an overuse injury or just chewing on things that are just way too hard and it just kind of wears the joint out.

TMJ Symptoms In Oxnard, CA

The symptoms can be anywhere when you have TMJ. You will feel pain sometimes in the jaw when you chew, or pain in your ear or face. Sometimes you’ll feel pain in your in the jaw itself, even in your neck. You can get headaches, hearing popping or clicking, and lockjaw.

We handle things like that here at Kalani Total Health Center. Most people don’t realize that chiropractic is more than just back and neck pain. We can help people with TMJ-like conditions.

Come on down. Let us check you out and let’s see what we can do.

TMJ Treatment In Oxnard, CA

Here at Kalani Total Health Center, when we’re dealing with patients with TMJ, we like to focus on the three main muscles of jaw movement. We like to focus on the suboccipital muscles, the jaw joint itself, and the upper cervical vertebrae. All of these things are connected and directly impact the joint and joint mobility. We want to make sure these things are aligned correctly and working properly to rule out some of the things that could be causing your jaw pain.

Give us a call, schedule an appointment and let us help you discover the root cause of your jaw pain and get you on the path to optimal health.

I’m Dr. Sean Delaney with Kalani Total Health Center. Your one-stop holistic health shop. Mahalo.

Kalani Total Health Center

Dr. Kalani Jose founded Kalani Total Health Center after the healing abilities of chiropractic changed his life. After injuring his lower back at work, he worried he might never walk again, and his doctor told him there was nothing more traditional medicine could do. But one chiropractic adjustment would change his life. Not only did it heal his back, but Dr. Kalani discovered the transformative power of chiropractic medicine and dedicated his life to using it to help others.

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